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What Do You Need To Know About Tulsa?

Tulsa was originally intended to be a part of Indian Territory in 1836 when the Creek and Lochapoka tribes arrived here following the Trail of tears. Under a tree that would be called Creek Council Oak Tree, they established a home and named this new settlement Tallasi, which means “old town” in the Creek language. […]

What Came First – Dental Care Or Humans?

Experts have a hard time determining when dentistry came to be versus when civilization and humanity started. There is evidence from the dating from Harappan periods of the Indus Valley Civilization around 7000 BC that remains had teeth that had been drilled. Perhaps this was some form of dental surgery, a specialized medicine. By the […]

The Dental Industry in Tulsa

As Tulsa would settle the once plains of the American Natives, they would find the need for doctors and dentists by late nineteenth century. Oklahoma wasn’t alone in this need, though, it was needed all across the country. And like anything in life, the residents of Tulsa would see their fair share of medical quacks […]

Let Us Tell You About Tulsa!

From 1828 to 1836, Tulsa went through a transformation of being open, untamed prairie land thanks to the 5 civilized tribes that settled here on the Trail of Tears. It was known as the “Oil Capital of the World” for much of the 20th century and the oil industry of today has much to credit […]

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