Meet Dr. James

Dr. Larry James, One of the Best Oklahoma Dentists in TulsaDr. James

Dr. Larry James, DDS of Tulsa, OK takes pride in the Certificate of Training he has in the area of Infection Control Dentistry.  Keeping patients gums and teeth healthy is the primary goal and that begins with the cleanest sanitation process possible. He cares about his patient’s well-being and you can feel that from the minute you walk up to the front desk.
Every staff member in Dr. Larry James, DDS office has gone through the most extensive training possible to assure their duties with every patient are as complete and competent as possible. With dentist assistants that explain every step they are taking, a patient will feel comfortable and at ease. They make the unknown easier to understand for every patient that comes in their offices. 

The staff of Dr. Larry James, DDS takes every precaution as established by the CDC with sterilization processes and more when possible. They realize the health of their patients begin with office and staff practices and take the necessary steps to assure everything is as sanitized as possible. Every instrument, every surface in the patient areas are sanitized with the highest degree process, leaving no area to germs. 

From the latest technology in whitening teeth to providing patients with white fillings to make their teeth healthier and stronger, Dr. Larry James DDS and his crew have all the proper certification and training in place. Every staff member is trained with the latest in their field of expertise, including the front desk, the billing office and every member that has patient interaction. 

With his experience and knowledge matched with the latest in equipment and technology, Dr. Larry James DDS gives every patient the best in dental care. From simple procedures to more complex things like root canals.  A patient can rest easy knowing they are in good hands with the dentist and his staff.   From making certain that every instrument, tool and patient surface is not only clean and in order, but sanitized to meet the highest regulations.

The office of Dr. Larry James DDS does not only focus on learning every new technology in the world of dental care, but they stay up-to-date with continuing education and processes, including sanitation. In today’s world, it is a comfort to know that there is a place safe of disease and germs. That place is here in the offices of Dr. Larry James. DDS.