The Dental Industry in Tulsa

As Tulsa would settle the once plains of the American Natives, they would find the need for doctors and dentists by late nineteenth century.

Oklahoma wasn’t alone in this need, though, it was needed all across the country. And like anything in life, the residents of Tulsa would see their fair share of medical quacks that came from diploma mills. These so-called doctors and dentists would prey on the population, such as those who ‘graduated’ from Twentieth Century Physio-Medical College, a diploma mill Guthrie Oklahoma.

Today, though, the dentists and doctors are legitimate in Tulsa and the surrounding area thanks to those such as Ohio’s own Dr. John M. Harris who started the first dental school in the world. He would go on to establish dentistry as a profession and where he once taught school is now a dental museum.

Today a dentist may graduate from anywhere in the world. Regardless where a dentist completes their studies, you can be certain that they all know the process of removing an asymptomatic impacted third molar, otherwise known as wisdom teeth.

In fact, the dental schools has focused classes on a student becoming a general dentist or specialized dentist such as an oral surgeon. There are also those who will specialize in braces or dental care of children only.

The University of Oklahoma had its first dentistry program as an oral surgery program and had courses established within the Department of Surgery. It was Francis Reichmann that would be the first clinician and went on to become a professor.